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So, She-Hulk is over. Now thank God. Thank God for what I am saying that you must have understood, and if you do not understand, then stay connected with me. 

She-Hulk has a total of 9 episodes. Each episode is approximately 25–25 minutes, and mid-credit scenes are also present in the first four episodes, After that, the credit scene is in the last episode. 

The story is that Bruce Banner or his cousin’s sister Jennifer are going somewhere, and suddenly they have a terrible accident. Bruce Banner’s blood transfusion happens in Jennifer’s body, due to which Jennifer also becomes Hulk. 

And that’s how Jennifer’s name is called She Hulk. Then the story drags on till 9 episodes because there is no special fun happening in the story till episode 3 or 7, until the entry of Matt Murdock happens in episode 8. I.e. Daredevil, but his entry is also not special. 

I didn’t like Daredevil’s look this time. It seems to have changed quite a bit, even a little bit of style. 

She Hulk Web Series Review

She-Hulk, i.e., Jennifer gets a job in the superwomen lot division where cases are handled related to superheroes or super woman and many cases are placed in front of us from the third to eighth episodes which don’t make any sense. 

Just the work of pulling these series goes on.

It was true, even if this series would have ended in 4-5 episodes, this thing came to my mind after the end of this series and after the second episode, the story of this series deviates from its main plot.

It has been demonstrated that the creators anticipated the audience’s reaction after watching all of the episodes.

Before proceeding further, I would like to tell you that there is a sci-fi action thriller series released on Amazon Prime called The Peripheral in which a girl named Flynne is present whom a video company gives to test her new game and from here the troubles in Flynne’s life increases, I have reviewed this show, which you can read if you want.

The last episode of this series was creatively satisfying but that doesn’t mean the rest of the episodes of this show were good as in all the other episodes in which characters are introduced for a while. Your questions may arise on why he was needed in this entire series.

And to be honest, I binge-watched the first 7 episodes of this series and I felt that I made a big mistake, didn’t want to do this together and torture myself.

But anyway in some places I have also enjoyed this show, and if you watch this show with an empty mind or without expectation then there will be no guilt.

All the new characters introduced in the rest of this series are boring, except for She hulk. I liked the character of she hulk.

The illegal dramas shown in this show are in a way an insult to human intelligence, and the actions that are taken in this series are children’s ones.


In short, this series is the worst of Marvel so far, on which you should not waste your time at all. At the most, you should watch episode 1 of this series so that you get to know the origin story of She-Hulk and then stop watching it.

If you still want to watch this show after all this, then see it, it is worth watching with family too.

Now I’ll go see you soon.

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