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Sixer Amazon Mini TV Review

Be it OTT or cinema, there has been a lot of content this week, and TVF, which is one of India’s production houses, has been able to engage most of the Indian audience, including me.

TVF has previously delivered excellent web series or shows, for which there are no words, and they have recently released a new show called Sixer, which you can watch for free on Amazon Mini.

The story of Sixer is based in Indore, where a cricket tournament takes place. Teams from different colonies and different regions come to play in the tournament, and whoever wins the tournament will get 5 lakh rupees.

Sixer Amazon Mini TV Review

There are two main characters in this series: first, Nikku, who is played by Shivankit Singh; his character is that of a great batsman; and second, Aussie, who is played by Badri Chavan; his character is quite entertaining, plus he is a big fan of the Australian cricket team. 

All the other characters are also very entertaining in themselves, and since the story of this series mostly focuses on cricket, seeing all the cricket matches will create an excitement or engagement in you to watch this show further, especially if you are a cricket lover. 

Like a live cricket match, each episode of this show features not only cricket but also positive feelings and family values.

According to me, cricket fans will undoubtedly enjoy this series, as will the general audience who does not watch much cricket, etc.

Sixer Web Series Review

Personally I like the way the situations of different characters have been presented in depth, Amazing, fox example Arshad is a good bowler, and he belongs to a poor family, and as his situations have been explained, that’s why I said amazing.

This series has come with total 6 episodes, every episode is full of thrills, in its first 5-10 minutes this series will connect you with itself and then you will not feel like missing any scene.

In the first episode, the overall story is explained well, and you will also be able to understand the characters very well and where their lives are in the story.

This series’ screenplay was very well written, as a result of which you will not be bored in the story for even a minute, as well as the way the glimpse of the indoor was shown, which was nice to see. 


Overall Sixer is a complete entertaining series, which you can watch absolutely free on Amazon mini TV, look this is a TVF series, and it cannot happen that it does not give you enjoyment. Most of TVF’s series are worth watching, and your spending time on Sixer series is going to be absolutely worth it.

So guys, this was my review of TVF’s series Sixer. I hope you like it.

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