Sky Castle Review | Feel-Good Mind-blowing 2022

Sky Castle Review | Feel-Good Mind-blowing 2022

Nowadays I have started watching Korean series a lot, especially on MX Player, and today I saw a Korean series called Sky Castle, about which I am not going to comment on its Hindi dubbing; you yourself should tell me in the comment box how you found its Hindi dubbing.

The focus of the story is on four such ladies who live in the luxurious sky castle, and the only motive of these four is to make their husbands rich so that their future children can adopt the best education.

Sky Castle Review

If I define this series in a single word, it would be “mind-blowing, personally, I have liked this Korean drama a lot; it has not only entertained me but it has also offered me a lot of important messages.

The story itself is the backbone of this entire series, and its presentation has been very good. I am sure that you will be hooked and booked in the very first episode, and then the twists and turns you get throughout the series are going to be surprising.

This series provides multiple angles in its plot, i.e., the children present a great school drama, and from the point of view of the parents, you will get to see a great crime drama, while angles with friendship offer a touch of comedy.

And characters’ secrets give you suspense or thrills.

Sky Castle Actress

Overall, you will not feel the lack of anything here, and I was getting a Penthouse-like vibe at some point. If you do not know, then let me tell you that Penthouse is also a Korean drama series whose concept is similar to this.

Actor performances are great, especially the performance through the expressions, which were solid in my opinion.

Negative Point

I found only one issue in this series, its length. Yes, I mean, its story could have ended around 14–15 episodes, and the story gets a bit boring in between, then ends with some characters personally in the climax. I could not digest it, but it depends on which one you liked the most.


Anyway, if you want to see the best Korean series that will keep you engaged because of its actor performance, its drama, its emotional angle, its crime angle, or its overall suspense, then definitely check out this drama.

I have enjoyed this series a lot, especially the secrets I got to see; don’t worry, I am not spoiling; they were surprised and enjoyed seeing it.

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