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Somebody Kdrama review

Now a new Korean series has been released on Netflix called Somebody; seeing the trailer, I did not get any special vibe. Somebody is a South Korean psychological thriller series; the best thing I found is that it has been translated into Hindi.

So the story is about a serial killer who befriends girls through dating apps and later kills them, but the twist comes when the developer of this dating app, Kim, and some of his friends are caught in the trap of this killer.

To find out what happens later, you will have to watch this Korean psychological series.

Somebody Kdrama Review

First of all, I would like to say that after six episodes I stopped watching it because, pacing-wise, it is very slow and also very dull; fun, urgency, thrill, suspense, tension, or intensity are not present in the story, due to which I kept it engaged.

There is no element of mystery in this series; it is a simple story that has been presented in a stylish way so that the viewers cannot predict anything, but because of this style, the story feels quite disjointed.

The story is falling apart so badly that it will impossible for you to emotionally connect with the characters or the plot, and there is also a dark side to dating apps that you must have already seen in other dramas.

Somebody Kdrama Review
Somebody Kdrama Review

There was no power in the scenes; an attempt has been made to impress us by showing forceful drama, especially what has been shown in episode six, which is nothing less than stupidity.

A disabled police officer is seeking assistance after having someone attempt to do something very bad to her one day, going to the same person in a place she should not have gone, and becoming trapped.

In this situation, an attempt has been made to make that girl feel tension, whereas you as an audience will be angry.

That’s why I dropped this series in the middle because I didn’t want to waste my time on it; the rest of the cast, the music, and the production quality are all good.


In short, I have not liked this series at all, and I do not recommend you waste your time on this series, but if you still want to watch this series, then watch one or two episodes and see if you feel engaged then good, otherwise, drop it like I did.

Due to sex or nudity, this series is not for viewing with family etc.

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