Tadka 2022 Review | Tadka ZEE5 Feel-Good Masala

Tadka 2022 Review

So as today is Friday and content comes mostly on OTT platforms on Friday, recently a very interesting masala movie has been released on ZEE5 called Tadka.

What kind of movie is going to be Tadka? Does this film deserve your time? You will get answers to all the questions.

First of all, Tadka is an official Hindi remake of the Malayalam comedy-drama film Salt N’ Pepper, which was released in 2011. Although the Tadka movie was ready in 2016, due to some illegal issues, it could not get mainstream attention, and now, finally, it has been released on ZEE5.

The story is about Tukaram, who is of adult age, lonely, and loves to eat; apart from this, there is another female character named Madhura, who is RJ, and she is also lonely like Tukaram.

Now, how these two meet later in the story, how love is developed between them, how does an angle of misunderstanding start, and then, finally, whether these two meet or not, you have to watch the Tadka movie on ZEE5 to know. which comes with an hour or 55 minutes of runtime. 

Tadka 2022 Review

According to me, it is a good time pass comedy-drama film. First of all, its idea is very interesting, and the plot is very good.

Things were shown very raw or real; there was very little artificiality; the emotional aspect of the story was amazing; Nana Patekar Ji got very good acting, and most of the emotional scenes had great impact.

In the matter of acting, Nana Patekar is always good and real, and once again, my heart was happy to see his acting. His simplicity was also very strong. 

Shriya Saran has appeared in this film as a lead actor, and his work was also very good. Apart from this, Taapsee Pannu or Ali Fazal are also present, and both were absolutely wasted; neither their characters had any special energy or depth, nor their acting performance was special.

Yes, the work of Murli Sharma and Rajesh Sharma was well received. Personally, I like Tukaram or Madhura’s chemistry—the way they both talk, the way they meet—there was no filmy feeling in all of them, things were quite simple, and I liked this simplicity.

Tadka ZEE5

And honestly, the songs in this movie were very touching. This film has been shot in Goa, and now I feel like going there, although Goa is the only place where plans are made to go but no one goes.

The director of this film is Prakash Raj, and he has tried to keep the story in a very simple state, but you will not get to see film type things or glamour, and he has not dragged the movie much; just 1 hour and 55 minutes is the overall length. 

Weak Point 

The climax of this film was not up to the mark; I mean, I was expecting a little more, but the climax was very simple, nothing special, and both Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu have been inserted in this film without any meaning.

Murli Sharma’s character, Tebli, should have been presented in a more impactful way.


All in all, you can watch this movie for time pass purposes with your family or kids, etc., and if you are looking for some such movies that can be seen with family or kids, then you can check out my recent film review of Lyle Lyle Crocodile.

Basically, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is a computer-animated comedy-drama film specially made for children and families. 

So this was my review of the movie Tadka. I hope you enjoy it. 

I will get it soon.

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