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Terrifier 2 movie review spoilers free

The horror slasher movie Terrifier 2 has just been released on VOD, but unfortunately for Hindi-speaking viewers like myself, it is not yet available in Hindi.

First of all, this is the sequel to the 2016 film The Terrifier, whose story is continued in this sequel, and in case you haven’t seen the first part of this franchise, let me tell you that part 1 was very low budget, and the story or characters were also kept to the surface level.

But because of the serial killer, Art the Clown, I felt a connected to the story, and numerous graphic or intense killing scenes were provided.

Terrifier 2 Movie Review

“Terrifier 2” is even more amazing than its first part, and the creators of this franchise have really used their creativity. The kind of crazy, disturbing, intense, brutal, and heart-wrenching killing scenes shown this time are horrifying.

That’s why this film is not for children or weak-hearted people at all, if you have a weak heart, you stay away from disturbing types of content, or you watch films, shows, etc. with your children, then I do not recommend you watch this movie.

This film is two hours long, and this length is too much in terms of slasher movies, and in such a big film you will get to see all kinds of extremely graphic killing scenes.

terrifier 2 movie review

Art the Clown is the main serial killer of the story and it is a terrifying character, and you will feel its evil presence very well, and this time I feel more attention has been paid to the characters or story as compared to its part 1.

This time a new character named Sienna has been introduced, there are still some questions about Sienna or Art the Clown, which stand in mind, whose answers have not been given, and we will have to wait for part 3 of this franchise.

Yes, part 3 of this franchise will also be brought, which its creators have officially announced.

Weak Aspect

The film’s mythology or characters may raise some questions in your mind, the answers to which you will not find in this section. I also thought the movie was too long for a slasher movie, it could have been cut down to 20 or 25 minutes.


In my opinion this is a worth-watching movie, if you like slasher horror movies, then you should not miss it but keep in mind that it is not for weak hearted audience at all, and do not follow it with family too.

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