The Clown 2022 Series Review | India’s First Animated Horror

The Clown 2022 Series Review I believe the horror genre has not been explored well in India so far, although some good efforts have been made, but in small doses.

Recently, I came across an animated horror series on YouTube called The Clown.

The story is about a town where teenage children are being murdered one after the other, and a clown-like painting is being found on the faces of those dead children, so now you need to know what the mystery is behind this case.

The Clown web series is available on YouTube for free. Although this show consists of 5 episodes, only 3 episodes have been streamed right now, whose overall length has been kept at around 9-10 minutes.

I have only recently heard this show in audible format on Spotify, and now if I judge it in one word, it’s a good experience. Yes, this is not a perfect show. It has flaws which we will discuss further, but let’s talk about some positives.


The Clown 2022 Series Review

On one hand, the animation of the series is impressive. On the other hand, Adipursh’s creators are still struggling even after 500 crores, and this small budget horror animated film is available for free on YouTube despite all this. The animation of this show is very good.

I’m not joking at all.

The way Clown has been designed, it makes the atmosphere of creepiness feel good, and there are other scenes present, which is commendable.

Personally, I liked the clown or the design of her doll a lot, and it’s BGM is insane. It’s a very amazing BGM you will get to hear.

Especially if you watch this show with earphones on, the horror you will feel is difficult to describe in words. Honestly, I am blown away by its BGM. It’s insane, totally cracking.

A decent number of horror scenes are present. Although there are not many horror scenes, the way those scenes have been designed is wonderful.

The voiceover should also be praised, the loud voice in which the storytelling was executed is outstanding. The way Clown is introduced in the story, which was the clown’s voice over, “Hello Surprise, Surprise,” is impressive.

This series is short, so it will not take much of your time. It goes absolutely to the point, which is its plus point.

Weak Point

The story mostly revolves around Clown, but the entire history of that Clown was not introduced and a cliffhanger was left at the end, meaning it should have ended in this season itself. The length of this show is quite small, so planning should have been made to bring season 2 by showing all the things, but the climax was left like this.

For this reason, I did not find the climax of this show special, and if things in this show were a little more complex or straight, then maybe the fun would have been doubled. 

Wrap Up

Because of the overall creepy atmosphere, because of the amazing BGM, because of the good animation, you can give this series a try, I wish the story could have been a little better.

You can also follow this show with your family, etc., because nothing is offensive here. So guys, this was my review of the Clown series. I believe you’ll like it. 

See you soon. 

Tata bye, bye.

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