The Devils Hour Season 1 Review: Wow Thats Great

The Devils hour Season 1 Review spoiler free

The Devil Hour is a crime mystery thriller series released on Amazon Prime with a total of 6 episodes, and each episode is approximately one hour long. This is such a show about which the less you know, the more this show will be able to make you enjoy it, so I would request all of you to avoid watching its trailer. 

It is a solid mystery thriller. There is good suspense in the story of this series, and overall it is a very good mixer of different genres like horror, science fiction, crime investigation drama, and even mystery with lots of twisted layers too.

The Devils Hour Season 1 Review

The more you watch this show with more focus, the better you will understand this show. And believe me, the twists and turns or big reveals coming in the story will surprise you a lot, as well as the main characters or their relationships, which have also been established quite well.

At the same time, as the story progresses, you will be invested in the characters and the dynamics between them, which I have felt myself. 

the devils hour season 1 review

The actors’ performances are also great, especially the child actor who played the role of Izac on screen.

Some issues are definitely in this show, but by talking about them, it may be that the story gets spoiled for you, which I do not want at all, so leave it. 

In Short 

The Devil’s Hour is a worthwhile show. If you have a bit of a passion for mystery thrillers, then definitely watch this show without a doubt. The story is still incomplete; its season 2 will also come. If you have seen this show like me, then definitely mention your small or big experience in the comments.

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