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The English 2022 Review (The English 2022 where to watch)

The English is an American western drama film, which has now been released on Amazon Prime USA but, at present, has not been released on Amazon Prime India.

This is a miniseries that includes six episodes, and since the story has been finished in six episodes, you do not need to wait for its second season. 

The English 2022 Plot

It is the era of 1890, Cornelia belongs to London, and one day she comes to the American West to find her son’s killer. Cornelia is accompanied by Sgt. Eli, who is actually a red Indian. You must watch this series to understand the story further and better.

The English 2022 Review

To be honest, this is a solid revenge story, and it would not be wrong to call it one of the best western dramas of this year. If you follow western dramas, I am sure you know that they are slow-paced and long in length, and this problem is also with this series.

But this series is not going to bore you anywhere; the story remains continuously engaging and keeps getting more interesting with each passing episode.

Because of the non-linear presentation of the story, it jumps between different time periods.

If you continuously watch this series with your full focus, then as the story progresses, all the puzzle pieces will come together and you will get a clear picture of this show, and its ending will also create a strong emotional impact on you.

Intense, thrilling moments with surprising twists and turns are seen in the story, and some heart touching, heartbreaking moments are also seen in the climax.

All the actors’ performances are very good, and the overall production quality was outstanding. The landscape has been captured very beautifully, and each and every scene looks great on the screen. This series can disappoint you in terms of pacing or length, but it is not a big issue that spoils your overall experience of this series.


If your audience likes to watch revenge stories, or you are a western drama lover, then you must watch this series. You will definitely enjoy it. You can watch it with your family if you want, but keep in mind that some adult themes, such as violence, are present in this series.

So, how did you like this series? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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