The Fabulous Review

The Fabulous Review: This South Korean romantic comedy series, which has a total of 8 episodes with each lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, was just recently released on Netflix. It is also available in Hindi.

So the story is about four friends who work in the fashion industry and the challenges they face in their professional lives, as well as the ups and downs in their personal lives or relationships as a result of their professional lives. You must watch this Korean romantic series to find out more.

The Fabulous Review

The rating of this series is for an audience over the age of 18, but the writing and execution of this series were developed with a young, immature audience in mind.

Especially young female audiences will like this series very much, as will any person who likes to watch shows made in Hong Kong genres, or if you want to know a little bit about the fashion industry, then yes, you will like this series.

There are many likable characters in this series, and as you watch it, your interest in these characters will grow, as will your interest in the fashion industry.

And there is also a good use of light comedy or humour.

All actors’ performances are decent; the music used in this series is also very good, and it is a quite nice-looking Korean series.

Weak Points

The romantic aspect of this series is very predictable and full of genre clichés, and its plot was heavily influenced by Netflix’s show Emily in Paris. As a result, I had the impression at the time that I had already seen all of this somewhere, and yes, I also felt the length of this series.


If you like watching romantic shows very much and you have not seen many movies or series in this genre, and at the moment you do not have any better activities to do, then you can watch The Fabulous Korean Romantic Series; this will make a good time pass.

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