The Golden Spoon Disney Plus Hotstar Review

The Golden Spoon Disney Plus Hotstar Review

One and a half to two months ago, there was a Korean series on the Disney Plus Hotstar platform called The Golden Spoon, which I have finished watching episode by episode.

Is this series good? Is it worth it to invest sixteen hours in it or not? What does it offer you? 

The plot follows Lee Seung’s character, who belongs to a high school, lives quite frankly, and wants to get out of the poverty situation he is in. Then, one day, he meets an old lady who offers a spoon to Lee Seung for about three dollars. That lady would say that if he eats anything from this spoon in a restaurant or cafe, then her life will completely switch.

Now, how does this happen in reality, and will Lee Seung’s life still be perfect if things change? And to know what the mystery of that particular spoon is, you have to watch this Korean series.

The Golden Spoon Disney Plus

Personally, I have liked the concept of this series; it is full of entertainment, suspense, or mystery, due to which you will hooked and booked with the very first episode and would like to know what kind of twists and turns the life of Lee Seung takes later.

Drama, luck, emotion, and comedy punches all these things are well settled according to the plot, fantasy, psychological, or supernatural kind of things this series offers.

Initially I was not able to connect with the actors, but seeing their chemistry progress, I finally connected with them.

The story plays on the mystery of a spoon, due to which you will get to see a lot of subplots, twists and turns, or unexpected surprises.

For the first four episodes, this series offers everything that kept us hooked, but later on it drags badly where you can be very bored, and I have a mixed kind of feeling about its ending. 

There are such small issues in this as well, on which I do not want to spoil anything for you by focusing.

Watch it or Not 

If you want to watch a Korean drama inspired by a fantasy supernatural-based webtoon that will provide you with a slightly different concept and present the story of a person who goes from poor to rich, then don’t set high expectations and watch the Korean series The Golden Spoon once.

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