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The Infernal Machine Review (The Infernal Machine 2022) The Infernal Machine Movie.

If you didn’t already know, The Infernal Machine, a psychological thriller film, was released this week on Prime Video.

At present, this movie is not yet on Prime Video India but will come soon.

You will have to set aside 2 hours to watch this film. The good thing is that it has been released in a Hindi dubbed version and its Hindi dubbing is fine, according to me, meaning neither too good nor bad.

And you can enjoy this film with your family etc. But be aware that violence is shown a little more here.

If you have already watched psychological thriller movies, then will it be right to give your time to this picture or not? Stay connected with us and all will be known.

The Infernal Machine Review

The story of this film follows Bruce, who is an old writer, and they have written a book called The Infernal Machine.

At present, Bruce is living his life in a mountainous area with ease, but suddenly a twist comes in the story. I will tell you how it comes. Bruce starts receiving letters one after the other.

So who is sending the letters that are coming to Bruce and why is he sending them? What is his motive? To find out what this thing is, you have to watch this film from beginning to end.

Look, if you have not seen many psychological drama movies, then I am sure you will like this one. But if you have watched many psychological movies, then forgive me because this movie will waste your time.

The Infernal Machine 2022

The story of this film, its concept, and the things shown here will be liked by those people who have not watched psychological movies much.

By the way, I have liked the story and the concept of this film, and I have already seen many such movies, but the way the presentation of this film has been done, keeping in mind the psychological, there is thrill, tension, and warmth here. The atmosphere that should have been there was missing.

The story starts to unfold its things slowly, and later they become predictable, i.e., while watching the film, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the already happening events, which is disappointing.

And the way Bruce’s character is presented with the layered, when you see this picture, then the thought that will come in your mind that what is going on, that thought will end soon when the story starts moving forward.

Because of this, this movie will give you fun in some places but not completely relaxed.


Now analyzing all these things, I will tell you only that if you are new to the psychological thriller genre, then you can definitely give this film a try without expecting high.

But if you are a pro audience who has already watched a lot of psychological dramas, then skipping this movie will save you time.

If you have seen this film, then tell in the comment that what is your overall experience, it is fine.

Let me go now.

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