The Lair Review | Amazon’s Haunting Drama Film

Yesterday, a monster-kind of movie was released on the Prime Video store by dubbing it in multiple languages, named The Lair, and I just finished watching this film.

The film has an overall runtime of 1 hour and 37 minutes, and you will have to pay to watch it because it is currently on the Prime Video store.

I have enjoyed this film with Hindi dubbing, and the Hindi dubbing is average, and quite brutal scenes have also been inserted into the drama.

The Lair Film Review

The story follows the character of Kate, an air force pilot, who goes on a mission to Afghanistan when some people, or rather terrorists, attack Kate’s plane. Her plane crashes at the same time.

Then Kate hides in a bunker to save her life, where some strange things wake up during the fight sequences. Now the strange things are actually monsters or creatures, and what is the mystery behind them, and how is Kate or her team able to survive?

Whatever twists and turns happen in between are awesome.

If I can describe this picture to you in a few words, then it will be useless, useless, or useless. Yes, from the writing to the execution of this film, the actors’ performances, even the horror elements that are seen in them, did not have any power.

The Lair 2022

The things shown in the story can be liked only by those who like to watch brainless dramas because this film does not have good character development due to which you can hardly connect emotionally with any character.

I found the monster aspect impressive, for which I had made the decision to watch this movie.

If this film was well directed and executed, then the value of action sequences would have gone from zero to at least 50.


Overall, The Lair is below average for me. If you have a mind to watch this film, then you can watch it, but there is nothing in its story for which I would recommend you watch this picture.

According to me, you should skip this film. After watching the trailer, I had a vibe that yes, something strong would be seen, but this movie has completely disappointed me through its execution, direction, performance, character development, or story presentation.

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