The Peripheral 2022 Review: Amazon Series [No Words]

The Peripheral 2022 Review: The Peripheral is a sci-fi drama, action thriller series that was released on Amazon Prime. This series has a total of 8 episodes, but only 2 have been released so far. The remaining 6 episodes will come every Friday.

And this series has also been released in the Hindi language for Hindi audiences and I finished watching the first two episodes of show series a while back.

The Peripheral 2022 Review

The story depicts the era of 2032 and Flynne, who is a gamer, starts getting strange in his life when a video game company ask Flynne or his brother to test a unique game system.

Now because of all this, how Flynne and her family get into a big danger, you will have to watch this series to know further.

This series is based on a high concept and I liked that concept a lot plus the creators of this show are those who have previously made tremendous sci-fi dramas like Westworld.

If you haven’t seen Westworld sci-fi drama yet, then you are making a big mistake especially if you are a science fiction drama lover.

the peripheral 2022 review
the peripheral 2022 review

I have felt decent in the first two episodes of this series, the concept of the story is so interesting that you would like to watch its 3rd episode.

And a big reason to look ahead is that whatever you will see in both episodes, questions will arise in your mind about many things whose answers you would like to know.

The futuristic settings of this show are quite good, and Flynne’s character is also likable, so now it will be very interesting to see how she will be able to get out of the situation in which Flynne is stuck.

And, so far, I’ve enjoyed the action in this series; the performances of the other actors are adequate, and the music and overall production value are excellent. 


So far, this series is going well; I haven’t noticed any major issues, and both episodes are a good start to this show. Whether or not we will be able to find answers to the questions that have arisen in this season,

If you like to watch science fiction dramas, then you should start watching this series now. I hope this show will not disappoint us further.

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