The School For Good and Evil Review | Netflix Fantasy Drama

The School for Good and Evil Review: The School for Good and Evil is a fantasy drama film released on Netflix in English as well as Hindi audiences will be able to enjoy this film.

The story is told of two best friends, Sophie and Agatha, in whose lives everything changes when one night, suddenly, a powerful force picks up both of them and takes them to a magical school, which is called the school of good or evil, and there heroes or villains are prepared so that the world remains balanced between good and bad.

Now you have to watch this film to know what is going to happen to Sophie and Agatha after coming to this school.

The School For Good and Evil Review

This film is a fun experience for a younger audience, and a younger audience is the real target audience of this film.

This film is not at all for a mature audience. The story of this film is very simple, but it is engaging for the younger audience, and there are also small twists and turns in the story from the point of view of the younger audience. 

And all the time, something interesting happens in the story, which will keep our younger audience hooked from start to finish. I am sure the present relationship between Sophie and Agatha will also be liked by the younger audience, and the conversation or interaction between the characters will also be fun for the younger audience.

And action is also good, according to a younger audience.

The rest of the actor’s performances are decent, the music of the film was very good to listen to and the production value of this film is also good, especially the fantasy settings.

CGI or VFX work is also mostly good in this film.

Weak Points

As I mentioned earlier, this film is not for mature audiences as the story is very simple and nothing is surprising and there is no suspense, tension, thrill, or intensity of any kind.

Character development has been kept up to the surface level only, a mature audience will not be able to build an emotional connection with any character. And according to me the writing of this film is very weak. 


In short, this film is for children, a proper time pass for children and their families will get this film done, so a mature audience can easily skip this movie.

So how did you guys like this film, definitely give your opinion in the comment box.

Thank you.

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