The Snow Girl 2023 Review: Especially for Slow-Burn Lovers

The Snow Girl 2023: The Snow Girl is a mystery thriller series recently released on Netflix, which includes a total of six episodes. For an audience like me, who mostly likes to watch every drama in Hindi, this series was not released in Hindi. So much bad NEWS

The story focuses on Miren, a young investigative journalist who is investigating the missing case of a little girl. Will Miren be able to assist her parents in finding the girl, and what challenges will she face? To know all of that, you have to watch this series.

The Snow Girl Review

To be completely honest, I didn’t care for this series much, but if you enjoy watching slow-burn mysteries, you’ll find the mystery of this series—the investigation process of Miren—will keep you reasonably interested.

Not only that, but Miren has a tragic past, and what happened in her past, I had already predicted, and perhaps you will as well, but Miren herself is in shock as a result of that accident. Because of this, you will definitely be able to emotionally connect with his character.

You will feel sad for the parents of the girl who is missing, and you will want to know what has happened to her, which is why you will be engaged till the end of this show.

The twist at the end of the story about the girl may be liked by you, but personally, I did not like it because that twist could not shock or surprise me at all because such a twist is already present in many stories.

And because of its slow pacing, I was also felt its length.

My Personal Opinion

In my view, if this series was smartly written and executed, then at most this show could have been completed in four episodes as well. I have very fixed feelings about the way this show has been edited.

In short, I rate this series 7 out of 10; if you like watching slow-burn mysterious thriller shows, then you can definitely watch this series once for your time pass without keeping your expectations too high.

And yes, this series is not meant to be watched with the family because some sexual violence type scenes are present in this series, and some adult language is also present, but the good thing is that you will get to see the investigation of the case in this series.

That case has been completely solved; you do not need to wait for season 2, but at the same time, the creators of this show have left the doors open regarding season 2, in which we will get to see another angle of investigation.

So how did you guys like this series? Do give your opinions in the comments.

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