The Swimmers Review: Incredible Story

The Swimmers Review

A movie named The Swimmer has been released recently on Netflix, which I have lost sight of; you will have to spend around two hours to watch it.

The best thing is that it has also come in Hindi, and you can show it to your family as well, but its content first of all asks you whether you have seen the Dangal movie in Bollywood; definitely most of the Hindi audience must have seen it.

If you are excited for content like Dangal, will The Swimmer be able to give you the same amount of fun or not? Let’s find out.

The Swimmers Netflix

The plot of this film is inspired by true events; now, what are those true events? You will know when you watch it, but for now, let’s talk about its story. The story begins with the dream of a father who wants all four of his daughters to swim in the Olympics.

The journey of the film begins with this dream, where Sara or Yusra belong to a country—don’t worry, I will not spoil anything for you—where their home, garden, and training place are attacked at any time.

But there is a saying that true champions come out fighting from any kind of situation; now, to prove their dream, Sara or Yusra sets out on such a journey and adventure, after which the situations that are going to come in their life are revealed. You have to watch this film to experience it.

The Swimmers Review

If you define its story in one word, then yes, it is incredible. Its story not only gives you entertainment but also inspires you.

The way water shots, camera work, color grading visuals have been presented, you are sure to get a thrill, even some shots make your heart tremble.

The overall message of this film is war only distracts you and snatches everything from you.

The work of actresses in the characters of Sara or Yusra is very good, the visible adventure journey of two sisters offers you thrill, tension, enjoyment, joy, after watching which you will feel very good.

Although it is a perfect roller coaster ride but I found its length a bit long.


Personally, I highly recommend that you give your time to this film because it has a very good story, but if you prefer action films, then this film is not for you.

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