The Wolf Drama Review | Chinese Fantasy Romance 2022

The Wolf Drama Review: Just now, a Chinese series called The Wolf has been dubbed and released in Hindi on the MX Player.

I had already heard a lot of praise about this series, so I watched it as soon as it dropped.

This series has 49 episodes, but right now only 25 have been released on MX Player, some of which are free and some for which you will have to pay. The rest of the episodes will be released every week.

The theme of this drama follows a typical romantic angle. I have experienced only 17 episodes of this drama at the moment, so whatever point of view I present will be based on this.

The Wolf Drama Review

The story follows the character of Wolf Boy, who is actually raised by some wolves; you will know episode by episode how they got that, but Wolf Boy’s life completely changes when he meets Zhai Xing.

Wolf Boy falls in love with Zhai Xing, and Zhai Xing takes Wolf Boy to the world of humans, but their lives are not going to be simple at all, Wolf Boy is charged with a murder later in the story.

Zhai Xing tries his best to save Wolf Boy, and whatever twists and turns come in between saving Wolf Boy, is interesting to watch.

If I defined this series in a few words, then it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it could not deliver as much as I had heard about this drama.

This series remains very engaging for ten episodes, and then the story will see all that I have already explored in many dramas, but this series may be liked by younger audiences, who do not see much content in the fantasy drama genre. 

If this is the case with you, then I would recommend that you not miss this series because, according to those audiences who have not explored fantasy dramas much, you will get to see a good storyline, there will be a lot of drama in the story.

Very good chemistry will be seen in the main lead, which will make you laugh, cry, and be entertained. War sequences, action sequences, or creatures are also seen in this drama.

All the actors’ performances are very good, especially Xiao Zhan, the drama reaches a different level when their character enter the story.

There are also shortcomings in this series, such as the VFX or CGI being very weak, but I haven’t discussed them.


If you are a younger audience who has not explored the fantasy genre and you want to start your Chinese journey, then definitely this series can be a perfect choice for you.

If you are a pro audience member who has already watched movies and series on fantasy dramas, then I don’t think this drama will add anything new to your experience, but if you still feel like watching it, then watch 1-2 episodes. If you find it interesting, you can continue this drama further, otherwise, skip it.

So far, I have enjoyed this series quite a lot, but I have already watched great series with typical stories like this with great VFX, so there is nothing much new in this series for me.

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