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The Wonder 2022 Review 

The Wonder is a mystery drama film released on Netflix; through my experience, I will tell you whether this series is worth watching or not.

The year is 1862, and Elizabeth, who is a nurse, comes from London to a small village in Ireland so that she can keep an eye on a small girl named Anna for fourteen days. One thing that is famous about Anna is that she has been alive without eating anything for four months. And seeing all this, the villagers are considering Anna a miracle. So, is it all a miracle, or is it something else?

The Wonder 2022 Review

In my opinion, the story of this film is quite interesting or unique; there is a clash between scientific belief and religious belief in the story, and especially in the period in which it is set, science was not given much importance at that time. 

Most of the people used to follow religion at an extreme level, and it became so extreme that while living in this world, they used to punish themselves for their sins. 

This theme is perfectly explored in this film; mystery will keep you decently engaged in the story, and Elizabeth or Anna, both main characters, are likable, especially Anna’s character, who will be seen adding an emotional weight to the story.

All actors’ performances are very good; the music or overall production quality is also good. First of all, this film is not for every audience, especially not for those who only like to watch movies full of fast-paced thriller action.

This film is boring for such an audience because it progresses very slowly. And for this reason, it is possible that you can feel its length too.

In the climax, Elizabeth makes a plan about Anna, and when she is executing her plan, everything ends very smoothly, after such a slow build up, when something interesting starts happening in the film. So instead of seeing intense or thrilling moments there, everything happens very easily in the story.


In short, if you want to see some different content, even if it is a slow burn, then you can watch The Wonder once, but not with your family because a bold scene is present in one place.

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