Tumbbad 2 Srk | Tumbbad 2 Movie Announcement 2023

Tumbbad 2 Srk | Tumbbad 2 Movie Announcement 2023 | Tumbbad 2 Update

If someone asks you which are the best films in India, then it may take you some time to think but my case answer is very clear or simple, for the last four years there is only one name, Tumbbad. Neither content like this was made till now and will never be made in the future. An underrated masterpiece. 

Often, films hit or flop after release, but Tumbbad is the only film that became a blockbuster in the hearts of cinema lovers after its release in the cinema. If you are an Indian, you haven’t seen this movie yet. I highly suggest you watch this mind-blowing movie.

I bet that many people have regrets about why they did not see this film on the big screen. You cannot rectify your mistake by taking the time back, but let me tell you some good news.

Tumbbad 2 Srk

The biggest dream of cinema lovers is becoming reality Tumbbad sequel is coming, yes Tumbhaad part 2 is coming. On 12 October 2022, this film completed its four years, and only then an update came out that Tumbbad 2 will become 100 percent.

There is an update that Sohum Shah, who led Tumbbad, will not be in Tumbbad 2. He will be associated with the film as a director or producer, but he will not handle the acting department.

This time a popular actor will be the face of this film, and it will be released on a very big budget. I don’t think anyone will refuse this project. Anyway, the blessings of Anand L. Rai are already there. Tumbbad is not going to have a budget issue, now it needs a strong story.

Tumbbad 2 Update 

Work has started on the script of Tumbbad 2. Many ideas have been erased, and some new ones are in progress.

If you do not know, then let me tell you that it took 21 years to make Tumbbad, yes you heard it right. Its story was written for the first time in 1997 and 7 production houses flatly refused to invest money in this film saying that no one would like to see such a story.

Then in 2012, this movie was shot completely but while editing the director and Sohum Shah were not fully satisfied with this project.

Once again, the story of Tumbbhad was rewritten, and the shooting of this film started again from zero. Its work was finished in 2015. By the way, you will be surprised to know that the budget of this movie was only 5 crores.

This entire movie was made for only Rs. 5 crores, and in such a short time, it blew the senses of the viewers by putting up top-level visuals.

Look, it seems bad that Tumbbad did business of only Rs. 13 crores but today if this film is re-released in theaters then bet that it will earn Rs. 13 crores in a week and maybe in less than a week.

Tumbbad 2 will take some time to come. For now, its story will be written, then the actors will be decided, then the dates will come out, then the shooting will start, and after editing, this film will be ready.

By the way, who should play the hero in Tumbbad 2? There is a name in my mind who is the king of experimental films like this. Shahrukh Khan should be brought to Tumbbad 2 no matter how.

Wrap Up

Shahrukh Khan is a very talented and popular actor and has been a part of many blockbuster movies. If Shahrukh Khan is cast in Tumbbad 2, then I am pretty sure this drama will reach the next level.

Well, what is your opinion on all these? mentioned in the comments.

Bye, see you.

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