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TVF Tripling Season 3 review: I always have sky-high expectations from TVF shows. Just yesterday, season 3 of the funny series Tripling, made by TVF, hit the market.

In the story, the parents of Chandan, Chanchal, or Chitvan are getting separated. For this reason, these three come together once again so that they can talk to their parents and explain it to them.

Then to know what happens in the next story, you have to watch this series, which is available on the ZEE5 app and has five episodes revolving around 25 minutes.

If I describe Tripling Season 3 in a few words, then it’s dull and meaningless, but kind of enjoyable in some parts. To be honest, the new season of Tripling does not amuse me this time.

TVF Tripling Season 3 review

The Tripling series is known especially for its Goa trips, and this time there were no Goa trips present here.

The way this show shows trip scenes, literally the heart becomes happy seeing it, but now it has been made into a family drama and that too has not come up with anything special.

First of all, I didn’t see any jump or special impact in the story of TVF Tripling Season 3. I did not even understand its plot. I did not feel anything interesting in its plot, but yes, some emotions will touch you from the inside.

Actors Performances

To be honest, Chitvan’s character has emerged amazingly this time. Its innocence, or its spoken, is seen and, for this reason, the impact in Chitvan’s mostly emotional scenes was amazing.

Amol Parashar, playing the character of Chitvan, is a brilliant actor, and I don’t think it would have been worth watching if it wasn’t for this series.

The rest of the actors like Maanvi Gagroo, Sumeet Vyas, Kumud Mishra, Kunal Roy Kapur, Nidhi Bisht, and Shernaz Patel all performed very well. The biggest positive point of this show is its songs. Songs have shown their wonder. 

TVF Tripling Season 3 ZEE5

Another good thing is that this series will not waste your time nor will you be able to bore it because in five episodes without wasting time, the story starts executing its words.

Things are not dragged here like chewing gum without meaning. And there is also a lack of comedy. Yes, there was a little bit of comedy, but the overall comedy was lacking.

This time, the story of this series is not as strong as its previous parts. Sometimes I felt that it was completely meaningless. This time, the creators did not have any motive for the story.

Tripling Season 3 Trailer


Overall, I am very disappointed after watching TVF Tripling season 3. If you have seen its previous seasons, then you can easily skip season 3 as the story of Tripling is off track now.

So this was my review of Tripling Season 3. Do not follow this show with your family, etc. because a lot of abusive language has been used and a kiss scene is also present.

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