Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama Review

Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama

Finally, I have finished watching the Weak Hero Class 1 Korean series, which has been released this year. Currently, it is neither dubbed in Hindi nor in English; right now, this series is available in its original language, but yes, you will get subtitles.

The series comes with eight episodes, and it is full of violence; keeping this in mind, everything else is neat and clean.

Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama

The story is of Shi Eun, who is in her schooling days and is very weak in appearance, but when it comes to challenges, she uses her mind very well. Suppose he has to kill someone. He will calculate every step very carefully because he is very smart in his studies.

Aside from that, there are many things going on in school, and Shi Eun meets Soo Ho or Beom Seok in the meantime.

Now how do these three friends stand together against whatever is going on, and what will be the result of their friendship at the end? You will have to watch this series to know these things.

Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama Review

To be honest, it is fun watching it; it is not at all like other Korean dramas, where the story is dragged out without meaning; in comparison to them, it provides such a thrilling ride in its eight episodes, in which tension, excitement, or tremendous performances will get to be seen.

It will hook you from the very first episode itself, and Shi Hun will drive you crazy through his performance or expressions.

Character development is also good; you will be able to connect emotionally with all the characters, and somewhere you will start feeling care for them; you will not want to feel bad about any character.

I am again saying this is a fun ride, the hand to hand compact shown in the action sequences is awesome, the way it is choreographed, you will not be able to predict what the next moment will be and unpredictability give a lot of fun through action.

The rest of the production value, supporting actors, lights, background music etc., this series does not disappoint even through all these things.

Weak Points

Starting four episodes, I felt very dangerous thrill, and intense, then somewhere this series drags, because of which you can be a little bored in the middle portion before the climax.

Many subplots have been shown in the story, whether it is from the perspective of the villain or the hero, but unfortunately all the subplots have not got good development, due to which neither you will be able to know much about the villains nor you will be able to know the past histories of the heroes. And this is the disconnected type feel.

There are other such issues in this, but I will not talk about them.


In case if you want a thrill ride, which has full of action sequences and because of those action sequences, you can feel the tension, excitement, then definitely I force you to watch this Korean series.

So my review ends if you have seen it then tell me whether you enjoyed watching this Korean series or not?


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