The Takeover is a cyber crime thriller film that was recently released on Netflix in both English and Hindi.

The story is about a hacker named Mel, whose difficult time in life starts when Mel comes to know about the privacy scandal of a big company, and then that company implicates Mel in a murder case.

So to find out whether Mel will be able to bring the big scandal of that company to the world or not, and whether she will be able to get her name cleared from the murder case or not?

The best techno-thriller show I have seen is Mr. Robot, and the main protagonist of this show, Elliot, is my favorite hacker. If you haven't seen the this series yet, I suggest you watch it.

I laughed a lot, especially seeing the ending, and I'm sure you'll laugh too. There is nothing surprising in the story or any such moment that surprises you.

There is no tension, intensity, or thrill of any kind in the story. The development of characters is also very weak; you will not be able to build any emotional connection with any character.

Yes, there is action in the story, but it is for children. Children will be able to enjoy a lot by watching the action of this film.

In short it is a below-average film. If you have not seen much content in the crime genre, then without keeping your expectations too high, you can watch this film once for time-pass purposes.

Otherwise you can just skip it. And yes, this film can also be seen with the family. How did you like this film? Do share your opinion with me.