Wednesday Review: Supernatural Horror Comedy

Wednesday Review

Wednesday is an 8-episode supernatural horror comedy series that has recently debuted on Netflix.

The story is about Wednesday Addams, who comes to Never More Academy to study, but when she begins investigating a murder, she learns about the academy’s dark secrets.

Wednesday Review

To be honest, I’ve enjoyed this series because it’s darkly funny and also an intriguing mystery with a supernatural twist.

That’s why the mystery of this series and the investigation process of Wednesday Addam is quite engaging and at the same time twist and turns or big reveals are also seen in the story.

I liked Wednesday Addams’s character a lot, as much as I liked the character of Eleven in Stranger Things.

Wednesday Addams is a smart, brave, energetic, or sarcastic character who also has some special powers. There is also a love triangle involving Wednesday Adams, which is well shown.

Monsters, killing scenes, etc. have also been shown. The creativity of all the actors was very good; it would be wrong to praise any one.

A typical high school teen drama is seen in this series, and there is a lot in the story that you can easily guess. Apart from the main story, subplots have also been added, which I do not find anything special.


In my view Wednesday is an enjoyable show, I recommend you to definitely watch it, It is quite an enjoyable series, in which the present mystery has been ended in season 1 itself but doors have been opened for season 2.

Blood, violence, adult languages, kissing scenes, all these things are present in this series, so if you watch it with family etc, then keep it in mind.

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