Zarrar Movie Review: Pakistani Spy Action

Zarrar Movie Review

Zarrar is a Pakistani spy action thriller film that has finally been released in theaters.

A rogue ISI agent Zarrar, who is on a secret mission, and his mission is to protect Pakistan’s nuclear program so that no one can gain control over it, will Zarrar be successful in his mission or not?

And to know what kind kind of challenges he goes through during this mission, watch this film.

Zarrar Movie Review

The Legend of Maula Jatt and the other Zarrar were the two Pakistani films I was most looking forward to seeing this year, while Maula Jatt made my heart happy, I must admit that Zarrar left me feeling very let down.

Although the story of this film is not too bad, I have already seen such spy-based stories in many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and in terms of execution, it proves to be a B grade movie, its execution is very bad.

It has been directed in such a bad and mature way that I cannot tell you that, looking at its editing, it feels like it has been edited on a mobile phone.

And one scene ends, then black screen comes, and then next scene starts, in short this film is a complete disaster in its technical aspect.

zarrar movie review
zarrar movie review

A lot of cuts have been used in the action, which causes you to lose track of what is happening on the screen. Action has also been poorly pictured or choreographed.

Ten minutes after starting is enough; it will come to your mind that I should leave the cinema.

There is nothing new in the story of this film; the execution of the story is very bad; the character development is also weak; you will not be able to connect with the character or story at all; the action was also nothing special; I found the actors’ performances decent.


First of all whatever I said is my own thinking about this film, I have told you what I felt, you may like this film because everyone’s choice is different, it is not that what I didn’t like, you may not like.

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